Syrian Tragedies

I’m sure that by now, most of you have heard about the refugees trying to flee Syria thanks to the Syrian Civil War that has drove them from their homes. But do you know what’s happening to them after they leave? Most Syrians trying to flee the conflict in their homes are paying tens of thousands of Pounds to get on ships that are over their boarding capacity that may or may not make it to Europe. Most of the time, they capsize before they can even reach the shores of another country in hopes for work and safety. As stated by CNN, “The number of Syrians seeking safety in Europe has more than doubled in the past year. Many left Turkey and other countries for Europe to ask for asylum, a status that allows someone to live and work legally in another country.”

I feel that we have failed Syria by not noticing such a thing sooner; a toddler washed up on the shores of Turkey on September 2nd and that was what sparked such passion towards taking in Syrian refugees. Until we see something as moving as a little boy laying face-down, drowned, we do not have the attachment to the numbers flashed in our eyes telling us that another thousand people drowned today because an over-packed ship couldn’t handle a wave. Families are being ripped apart and countries are doing next to nothing about it until people start to roar about what is going on.

“The war in Syria is so hellish and unrelenting that more people have left that country than any other in recent years. One of every five displaced persons in the world is Syrian.” Why have we not, until now, been paying attention to the goals of the Syrian people? We have failed; we have failed to uphold our unspoken bonds of Interdependence and have turned away more people than we have tried to help. The US is not free from guilt here, despite having recently stated they will take 10,000 more refugees that have been displaced. I am saddened that today, when discussing with my partner about the issues with Syrian refugees, that they had only heard about it just now from me.

Spread the word. Take charge. Try and make a change for these people who only want the war to end, not to leave their homes.

You can read more about this crisis by referring to this article by CNN: Migrant and refugee crisis: War uproots 1 in 2 Syrians.


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