The River & The Beautiful End

Good Charlotte — The River (Feat. Synyster Gates & M. Shadows)

Lyrics & Song

This song really means so much to me, despite it being by one of my favorite bands when I was younger (and still standing). It speaks of a man who has seen what direction his life is going in and that he realizes that if he doesn’t return to a sense of right in the world, that things can only go wrong from here. He confesses that he has done things wrong and that he is begging for retribution, be it from those he has wronged for from God, himself. Realizing that the place around him isn’t everything that people said it was, he wants to return home and swears that he still believes in all that is right in the world.

He has seen the ugliness in this world and has thus become stronger because of it — you shouldn’t keep your children holed up forever. They will break out and find the world outside of what you’ve been painting for them, and once they are on their own, they will make mistakes. Those mistakes are a part of growing up, and there is nothing wrong with wishing to return to a time where all was well because your friends, family, or religious leaders will still welcome you home with open arms


The runner-up for the selection of one of my favorite quotes comes from a Television Series that got quite a nice reboot this year by the name of Gintama. It’s typically a rather silly series that you want to watch and have a good laugh, but there are some deep elements once in a while. My favorite occurrence happened to be a quote from the main character that really hit home with me.

“Stand up. If you have time to think of a beautiful end, then why not live beautifully until the last?” — Gintoki Sakata (Season One, Episode Five)

This quote really resonates with me because of the struggles I’ve had with trying to plan out my own beautiful death, being preoccupied with how my life will end rather than how it should be continued.


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