Time heals all ailments

Time is something I always wish I had enough of, and yet I never seem to. There are many things I would like to have the spare time to do, but it never seems to come and perhaps it’s just that I’m horribly inefficient when it comes to making time for some of my favorite things. Though my prompt for this post said that I shouldn’t talk about school, it’s all I can talk about because it’s what keeps me up at night and what typically fills my days.

If I don’t have a paper due by Friday or Monday, then I have my daily assignments and my often-taxing life to deal with. As a young adult living with an elderly parent, there’s a lot that they can’t do so I’m needed to deal with things my father can’t. I live with just him, and we live in a place where there is no family nearby to help out if need be.

As my days approach, counting down to when I’m moving out and heading off to college, I worry about him a lot. He’s an older man who I don’t know if I can trust on his own with all these crazy ideas he has floating around in his head, but I know that we’re both adults and we can handle things efficiently. I just worry, especially about the cut in finances and finding him a place to live, while also being able to support a vehicle.

As of now, we only have one vehicle, and every chance to get another one falls through the floor. It’s at this point in time that I think I’m losing hope, but I received an email yesterday in regards to my application to college, and I’ve been accepted for over a month, but they kindly reminded me I needed to send in my high school transcript. I can’t really wait to get everything over with and send it in, because this is going to be an exciting change despite all the scary possibilities. Nothing goes well for me, and I always expect something to happen around the corner… but maybe this time will be different.

I hope once I move, I can find the time to sit down and relax for a while. It’s awful to say this, but I think once my dad and I are separated, a huge weight will be lifted off of my shoulders and I’ll have a few moments to breathe here and there.


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