Jackson Pollock

As I look at the painting above, without even having to do any research, I know by the distinct style of splatter across the page that it must be a Jackson Pollock painting. His mind and artist’s hand work in incredibly complex ways to create a piece of art, and with the extravagant use of abstract dribbles and splatters of paint, Jackson Pollock has made himself a household name in the art community and has been for quite some time. The way in which he works is incredibly interesting, and that he has been able to get so intricate while standing over the canvas really helps for me to picture the way in which his mind must be working.

I’ve only been able to study art for two years, and I can already see the complexities behind this piece and many of the other pieces that Jackson Pollock has produced over the years that he has become popular. I’m not a huge fan of his style, because I find abstract art hard to really understand and work with, but I’m sure he has his reasons and how he’s been so successful.

A poem written by Nancy Sullivan about ‘Number 1’ (the piece pictured above), was a reaction of hers to the painting itself. She, too, shares my awed reaction to Jackson Pollock’s work and describes the art as ‘trickles and valleys of paint’. Just as I do not understand the way in which Pollock works, Sullivan states a question that I, too, find myself asking when I view his work. ‘How to realize his question / Let alone his answer?’. If you have no read this piece, I highly advise you to do so shortly after viewing Number 1 and see how you feel in relation to Nancy Sullivan’s observations.


It Costs Nothing to Encourage An Artist

Discourage an artist… and you get absolutely nothing in return, ever.

A comic on Gavin Aung Than’s popular webcomic site called Zen Pencils really caught my eye, and it’s called ‘It costs nothing to Encourage An Artist’, which I find to be very true. The message relayed with this fantastic piece of work really resonates with me, being an artist as well. Many times in my life I have been praised and encouraged with my art, and I find that it only makes my passion for it grow stronger. People who really put their heart into things are absolutely crushed when someone doesn’t react the way they wish for them to, and I know that all too well. Two weeks of work on a project only to get an ‘Okay’ when asked if it looks good can really put a damper on one’s spirits.

If you encourage an Artist to do their best each time, their skills will only grow and their love for their work will only grow. Not only does this apply to artists, but musicians and glassblowers and anyone else that truly loves their craft. Do not discourage anyone from doing something they’re really passionate about, because you will get nothing in return for putting their dreams down. When you discourage someone, you take away their passion and they begin questioning everything they’ve ever done. Most often, people express themselves through their medium and when they show their work to you, it’s a sign of deep trust.

They trust you not to hurt them, but there’s always that risk that someone will toss their work to the side and tell them to do something better. Artists take that chance each time they risk showing their work, but they’re proud of what they’ve done and want to share with you. Please keep that in mind the next time someone shows you something they’ve worked hard on. Even if you don’t care, you should encourage them to do their best.

Zen Pencils Comic: It Costs nothing to Encourage An Artist