Writing on Literary Topics

Though I have been prompted several times in the past few weeks, I find myself empty on the topics I could address in my near-future research paper. I have been reading through the prompting of my English class, though it has mostly been works of Shakespeare or spinoffs of it (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead). Each of the books we have read in English this year have addressed death, and I feel like this is some omen for the ending of my High School years, but it is a topic I like to write about. The Things They Carried, Hamlet, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead are all books that address this topic, and the philosophies of life, free will, and what death could be like. Not to mention, the things that surround death and how it affects those who knew the deceased.

Honestly, I feel as if ‘Death’ is such a broad spectrum that it would be hard to pin it down in a paper, basing it off of one literary work would be difficult in a research paper. I’m disappointed in myself because I can’t seem to pin down a couple of good topics aside from this one, but perhaps that’s because I’m completely burned out and stress has ruined my trains of thought and ability to focus. ‘Literary Topics’ is such a broad spectrum anyways, and I find it almost impossible to write without a set of guidelines to lead me in the right direction, if it’s not writing creatively or in a¬†fashion meant to entertain. Research papers are the bane of my existence, and pinning down a topic has been nearly impossible this past month.

I wish that prompting me would work.